Recruitment FAQ

How long does the recruitment process take?

It varies. However, most processes are concluded within a few weeks.

How does the recruitment process work?

Your first step is an interview with our HR department, during which you’ll learn relevant details about the offer, project, and client. If successful, we’ll forward your application to our business development team, who will take care of you throughout the rest of the process. We’ll recommend your candidacy to the client and discuss your merits with them. Ultimately, it’ll be their decision whether to make you an offer. However, working with a trusted partner such as Develocraft greatly increases your chances of a successful application.

Is remote work possible?

In some projects yes. We offer the possibility of remote work from time to time, but there are also projects where the person has to work on the client’s site and remote work is largely limited (eg due to security requirements that are set by client).

What happens when my project ends?

In the case of the end of the project, you shouldn’t worry about this we’ll do our best to find a project that suits to you from the side of competence and, finance of course. If we don’t have an external project for you, then depending on your competences, we can offer you a project implemented inside Develocraft.

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